Vibrating Panties & Knickers

For the ultimate in discreet vibrations and hands free delights, vibrating panties and wearable vibrators deliver the stimulation wherever you want it. For vibrations on the go choose a wearable vibrator, whether vibrating knickers with or without remote control or butterfly vibrators with a strap for wearing under clothing. As an authorised stockist for the world's best sex toys you will find the perfect wearable vibrator with us.

Buying Vibrating Knickers & Panties

For discreet hands free stimulation that can be enjoyed anywhere, vibrating knickers and panties are an excellent solution. Perfect as a gift for a lover or a just a sexy treat for yourself, vibrating underwear is a great way to enjoy precise stimulation whilst keeping your hands free to play. With a secret pocket encased in the gusset, just slip a vibrating bullet into the underwear and let the pleasure begin.

What are vibrating knickers and panties?

This may seem like a silly question. However, vibrating knickers and panties don’t actually vibrate, well not yet anyway. Vibrating underwear usually comes in the form of sexy panties which have a hidden pocket in the gusset. When you buy vibrating panties like the Screaming O MasteRing Remote Control Ring and Vibrating Panty Set, you also receive vibrating unit or bullet. As you slip the sex toy into the hidden pocket and switch it on, powerful vibration caresses the clitoris or G Spot and brings you to orgasm, whilst keeping your hands free to explore the rest of your body.

Choosing the right pair of vibrating knickers and panties

As you can see from our selection of vibrating knickers and panties, there are a lot of different varieties to choose from. Remote control vibrating knickers like the Ohmibod Bluemotion NEX1 App Controlled Wearable Massager are a great choice for couples hoping to spice up their sex lives. This set in particular can be controlled using an app on your smart phone, so they are even more discreet. With remote control panties, slip into the underwear and hand the remote to your lover. Whatever your plans are for the evening, you can rest assured that it just got a lot more interesting. Few things are hotter than taking full control of your lover’s pleasure. As with most vibrating knickers and panties, remote control panties are very discreet. The vibrations may feel powerful against the clitoris, but can’t be heard over ordinary day to day activities. If your lovers wants to watch your squirms of pleasure from afar, make sure you check the range of the product. Some remote control sex toys have a much further reach than others and you may find yourself being cut off mid orgasm.

Wearable stimulation like the Cal Exotics 7 Function Silicone Love Rider Wild Butterfly Wearable Vibrator combines G Spot and clitoral titillation to create the much sought after blended orgasm. With your hands free to play with your other erogenous zones or to pleasure a lover, this type of wearable stimulation is a game changer for self-pleasure. Vibrating knickers and panties that stimulate the clitoris generally contain a small pocket in the gusset in which a vibrating bullet is slipped. Because they are so easy to use and very discreet, they make an excellent choice for those seeking their first couples sex toy. After all, nothing feels naughtier than sitting in a room of unsuspecting bystanders whilst trying to suppress a powerful orgasm.

Some of our clitoral vibrating knickers and panties are controlled by remote control which makes them great for foreplay. Whilst others are operated manually, so you keep full control of your pleasure.

G Spot stimulating vibrating knickers and panties offer discreet internal stimulation, so the vibrator stays inside the body. This type of vibrator can be combined with clitoral stimulation or anal titillation too. For example, the Cal Exotics Venus Penis Butterfly Wearable Vibrator stimulates the G Spot, clit and anus during use and is one of our more popular underwear sets. But for those who prefer G Spot play alone, choose vibrating knickers and panties with an attached vibrator which penetrates the body and delivers deep internal vibration. Again, these vibrating knickers and panties are great for both masturbation and couples play.

Different ways to use vibrating knickers and panties

Vibrating knickers and panties are perfect for discreet pleasure and offer lots of different options in terms of use. If you struggle with limited mobility in your hands, wearable sex toys are great for the disabled because they do all the work for you. For those with conditions such as vaginismus, which is an involuntary spasm of the vagina whenever penetration is attempted, using vibrating knickers and panties enable couples to enjoy sexual pleasure without penetration. During use, the wearers hands are always free to play, so couples can bring themselves to a mutual climax without worrying about penetrative sex.

For adventurous couples seeking a discreet sex toy to use outdoors, vibrating knickers and panties are easily hidden under clothing and can be used in range of different locations. For a sexy gift, why not wrap up the remote control and hand it to your lover before going on a night out.

If you love erotic fiction, and want to keep reading during a steamy scene, vibrating knickers and panties offer the perfect solution. Slip into the sexy underwear and pick up your favourite erotic novel. When things begin to heat up, activate the vibrating bullet and join the characters as they reach a mind blowing climax.

If you still need a little help choosing vibrating knickers and panties, we have a team of sex toy experts to help you enjoy the perfect shopping experience.