Finger & Tongue Vibrators

Spice up masturbation or add some extra sizzle to oral sex with an innovative finger and tongue vibrator. Normally slipped onto the end of a finger, or on the tip of a tongue. Finger and tongue vibrators act as an extension to the digit, and deliver powerful stimulation alongside the movements of your body. Perfect for spicing up foreplay, or adding intense sensations or oral sex, these thrilling vibrators always deliver intense results.

What is a Finger Vibrator?

A finger vibrator is a textured, vibrating unit which is slipped onto the end of the finger and used to stimulate the erogenous zones like the nipples, clitoris, anus or penis. Usually small and very discreet, a finger vibrator is easy to store and simple to use, making it the perfect sex toy for those who travel or live in shared accommodation. For couples, using a finger vibrator is a great way to spice up foreplay because it can be used on both men and women.

Add a little lubricant to the finger vibe and gently graze the erogenous zones with powerful vibration. It’s a simple, but effective way to bring a partner to orgasm.

Using a finger vibrator to spice up foreplay

For those looking for a sex toy to spice up foreplay, a finger vibrator like the Jopen Key Pyxis Waterproof Silicone Finger Massager is a cheap and effective solution. Designed for deft finger stimulation, the stretchy material fits comfortably over the tip of a finger whilst soft textures graze the flesh with a range of stimulating sensations.

During foreplay, blindfold your lover to increase a sense of anticipation and use the finger pleaser to gently stroke the erogenous zones. With a generous helping of lubricant beforehand, every teasing stroke is magnified. If your partner’s penis is too sensitive for vibration, try a non-vibrating finger pleaser, like the Lust Finger Sleeve. To titillate the male P Spot, gently stroke the perineum which is the area between the testicles and anus, and watch him write in pleasure.

Using a finger vibrator for penetrative sex

Most women find it difficult to orgasm through penetrative sex alone and require a little help. A finger vibrator like the Minx Rabbit Finger Sleeve Vibrator is a discreet way to stimulate the clitoris during penetrative sex and greatly increase the chance of orgasm. A finger vibrator can be worn by the male or female partner and allows both parties to experience better control of orgasm and more intense sex.

How does a Tongue Vibe work?

There are two types of tongue pleaser, ones which slip onto the tip of the tongue like the Tonguer and others which are worn inside the tongue such as the Lix Oral Vibrator, but those are only suitable for people with piercings. During oral sex, the vibrator increases sensation by adding vibration to oral stimulation and turning the tongue into a vibrator.

As then most flexible and powerful muscle in the body, the tongue is an incredible pleasure-giving tool. By increasing sensation, this leads to a full body, sheet clutching climax. Could you handle it?

Spicing up oral sex with a Tongue Vibrator

Oral sex isn’t just about stimulating the nether regions with your mouth. Oral sex involves using your mouth to tease, titillate and stimulate all of the erogenous zones. If you’re planning to use a tongue pleaser to spice up oral sex, try binding your partner’s wrists and ankles to the bed using soft ties. Add a blindfold to increase anticipation and intensify sensation.

Add flavoured lubricant to the erogenous zones and use your mouth to suck, lick and tease your partner. As they writhe in pleasure, increase sensation by adding the tongue vibrator and up the ante with super stimulating vibration. Start by using your mouth to pleasure the neck and décolletage, before moving down to the super sensitive nipples. Travel slowly around the body, before settling on the inner thighs and nibbling towards the genitals.

For men, use the tongue vibe to stimulate the testicles and perineum by pressing it against this ultra-sensitive hot spot. As you move upwards, run your tongue along the super sensitive shaft and tease the head of the penis, letting the powerful vibration whip your lover into a climatic frenzy.

When stimulating a female partner, use your mouth to pleasure the clitoris whilst simultaneously pleasuring the G Spot with an internal vibrator. As you tease, suck, fuck and thrust, you’ll bring her to an all-consuming orgasm.

Buying a Tongue or Finger Vibrator

If you need advice about buying a finger vibrator or tongue pleaser, contact our team of AmazingO sex toy experts. With a few questions, we have direct you to the perfect products to suit your needs.