Clitoral Vibrators

A clitoral vibrator is the must-have vibrator for any sex toy collection. Clit vibrators are designed to stimulate the clitoris for precise and intense sensations and are perfect not just for enhancing masturbation but add extra pleasure when used together with a partner. Choose from extremely popular bullet vibrators, uber powerful magic wand massagers, clitoral stimulators, finger & tongue vibrators and super discreet lipstick vibrators. As authorised retailers from the world's best vibrator brands trust us to find your ideal clitoral sex toy.

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How does a clitoral vibrator work?

For precise stimulation without penetration, a clitoral stimulator is a great choice of sex toy. Usually a small and discreet, a clitoral vibrator uses powerful vibration or toe curling textures to massage the clitoris and bring you to a powerful orgasm. Also, because a clitoral vibrator is used externally, they make great beginners sex toys and can be used during sexual intercourse too.

A clitoral vibrator is a non-penetrative vibrator which sits against the clitoris and massages it with a range of different sensations or textures. A clitoral vibrator is usually small and discreet, so it makes a great first time sex toy or the perfect sex toy for travel. For those who struggle to orgasm during penetrative sex alone, using a clitoral vibrator during sex with a partner can help to create an incredible blended orgasm.

Types of clitoral vibrator

At AmazingO, clitoral vibrators are amongst our most popular products and we have hundreds to choose from. With so many different kinds of clitoral vibrators available, there really is something to please everyone. To give you a few ideas’, here are some of the main types of clitoral vibrator and the different things they have to offer.

Bullet vibrators like the Rocks Off RO-80mm Bullet Vibrator Purple are cheap, powerful and have a rounded tip so they offer precise stimulation. These clitoral vibrators are great for those hard to reach erogenous zones and very easy to store.

Pocket Rocket clitoral vibrators like the Berman Center Athena are a great solution for those on a budget. Cheap and powerful, these clitoral vibrators have interchangeable heads so you can experiment with a range of different sensations without paying for more sex toys.

Wand massagers are amongst the most powerful clitoral vibrators that you can buy and range from small and petite, to the mighty and powerful Doxy Wand Massager. Because wand vibrators can also be used for sports massage, they are more discreet than they look and when you find the right one, the results are mind blowing.

Wand attachments are another way to add versatility to masturbation. Attaching a textured head onto your wand massager turned a knee trembling sex toy, into a something entirely different, without having to spend a lot of money.

Finger pleasers are textured or vibrating sleeves that fit on the end of a finger and used to tease the clit. Great for foreplay, or for something different during masturbation. Adding a finger pleaser is a great way to add some variety into the bedroom.

A clitoral pump like the Cal Exotics Intimate Clitoral Pump is placed over the labia and hand pumped to bring blood to the surface of the vagina, making it plumper and more sensitive. Quite often, a clitoral pump has a stimulating attachment and will vibrate, bringing you to a powerful climax.

Buying your first clitoral vibrator

When looking for a first sex toy, a clitoral vibrator is a great way to get to know your likes and dislikes, without having to spend a lot of money. Despite the name, a clitoral vibrator feels heavenly when grazed against your other erogenous zones too. Choosing a multi-speed bullet vibrator like the Le Reve Slimline Vibrator means that you can experiment with more powerful sensations as your experience grows.

For someone seeking a clitoral stimulator that doesn’t use vibration, a textured sleeve like the Lust Finger Sleeve sits on the top of your finger. Apply a generous helping of water-based lubricant and stroke your way to a sheet clutching orgasm.

Using a clitoral vibrator during sex

It’s a well-known fact that very few women can be brought to orgasm through penetrative sex alone. However, using a clitoral vibrator for extra stimulation during sex helps to create a powerful blended clitoral and G Spot orgasm, so you can start enjoying the best sex you’ve ever had.

A great clitoral vibrator to use during penetrative sex is the Berman Center Delilah. This multi-speed vibrator is longer and slimmer than a standard bullet, and the angled tip is perfect for manoeuvring into those hard to reach places during sex. Because this sex toy is longer, your partner can reach around and tease your clitoris during sex, so he still retains an element of control over your pleasure.