Sex Toy Kits & Sets

Sex toy kits are fantastic for a number of purposes including buying as a gift or as an introduction to a variety of sex toys. We stock a range of sex toy kits designed for both beginners and sexperts.

What is a sex toy kit?

For those of us who believe that variety is the spice of life, a sex toy kit offers everything you need to mix things up a little in the bedroom. With a selection of interchangeable heads and lots of different features to play with, sex toy kits are a great option for both beginners and sexperts alike.

A sex toy kit normally contains a selection of sex toys and interchangeable heads and is a great way to introduce versatility into the bedroom. With sex toy kits there are huge number of varieties to choose from, from budget sex toy kits and luxury sex toy kits. Each offering something different to titillate and excite.

For couples hoping to spice things up in the bedroom, a couple’s sex toy kit like the Mystic Treasures Couples Sex Toy Kit has lots of couple friendly sex toys to help broaden your horizons. If you want something to spice up female masturbation, a vibrator kit like the Remote Control Waterproof Vibe Set keeps your top drawer topped up, without breaking the bank.

Choosing the right sex toy kit for me?

To find the perfect sex toy kit for you, take some time to shop around the AmazingO website and read about the different vibrator kits available. After all, knowing more about the products they contain and what they actually do will help you find the perfect collection. Another thing to consider is your budget. At AmazingO, we stock some of the highest quality sex toys at the cheapest prices, so you can afford to pick up a luxury sex toy kit at a budget price.

Another important factor to help you choose the perfect sex toy kit, is the reason why you are looking to buy one. If you’re buying the vibrator kit to spice things up in the bedroom, you might want to consider a couple friendly collection ike the Rocks Off Feranti His and Hers Vibrating Pleasure Set. For beginners to anal play who want to build up a collection of anal sex toys, an anal vibrator kit, the Anal Affair Sex Toy Kit is a great option for those hoping to explore these hidden boundaries.

With masturbation high on the agenda when seeking a sex toy kit, they are the perfect choice for those who love having lots of options but have a limited budget. With a standard sex toy kit, you can expect a main vibrating unit and a number of interchangeable heads. With each head offering different textures and sensations to spice up masturbation and foreplay, they offer great variety at a low cost.

Finally, when buying a vibrator gift set, don’t forget to consider the proper cleaning and storage of the sex toys, particularly if the kit is a couples sex toy kit. At AmazingO we always have clear instructions as to the materials used in the gift sets. It is important to combine the products in the sex toy kit with the compatible sex toy cleaner and lubricant. We have a huge selection of sex toy cleaners and lubricants at AmazingO, so you’ll always find what your need.

What will I find in a sex toy kit?

Sex toy kits contain lots of different items and it’s rare to find two sex toy kits that are exactly the same. It is important to look at each vibrator kit carefully to see exactly what it contains, and the purpose of each product.

Couples sex toy gift sets can include cock rings, jiggle balls, butt plugs, anal beads, vibrating cockrings, a penis sleeve, finger pleasers and a vibrator with interchangeable sleeves. The vibrators are usually multi-speed and can be wired, or remote controlled in the more expensive luxury sex toy kits. This list is not exhaustive, and there may be more or less items contained in the kit, but it is normal to contain a selection of the products mentioned above.

Female masturbation sex toy kits may contain a single multi-speed vibrator with a selection of interchangeable sleeves, each with a different stimulating texture. You may also find Ben Wa Balls, G Spot stimulators, anal teasers, finger pleasers and finger sleeves. Again, this list isn’t exhaustive but gives a good indication of the types of products you may find in a female sex toy kit.

Buying a sex toy kit as a gift

Buying a vibrator set as a gift is a great idea. Because they contain something to please everyone, you’ll never get it wrong! If you need a little help understanding a little more about the sex toy kits we offer, or the products they contain, contact one of our AmazingO sex toy experts for a little more advice. We always have someone on hand to assist with your sex toy enquiries.