Experience Fleshlight, the number one selling male sex toy. With clever discreet cases and amazing range of real feel unique patented SuperSkin sleeves and textures, there isn't a male masturbator that feels quite like a Fleshlight. You can buy a Fleshlight with any external orifice (Vagina, Butt, Mouth, Discreet) and a large range of internal canal textures to create differing intense sensations.

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Buying a Fleshlight

So what is a Fleshlight? Fleshlights, also known as a Flesh Light, Flashlight Pussy, or inaccurately as a Fleshlite, is the most popular male masturbation sex toy in the world. Originally designed in the late nineties this male masturbator was a revolutionary concept with a flesh like super soft sleeve located in a discreet plastic case that looked like a Flashlight or Torch, hence the name Fleshlight.

Why are Fleshlights The Number One Male Masturbator?

Although in essence the products today remain almost the same as they were when first launched and in comparison to newer high-tech male sex toys seem to be more basic, it is this simplicity that makes them so desirable. The material that the sleeves are made from are a unique patented SuperSkin which feels as close to the real thing as you can get, and the internal canal textures are designed with a huge range of nodules, ridges and all manner of innovative sensations. With each range having a unique signature texture they are all different and are designed with unique experiences in mind. A major factor in recent surge in popularity is the Fleshlight Girls range which are moulded from the real life anatomy of famous porn stars.

Guide to the Fleshlight Range

Each range of Fleshlight is designed for a particular use and experience, starting with small discreet ranges such as Fleshlight Flight, Fleshlight Go and Sex in a Can to the full size ranges such as the Stamina Training Unit for help with premature ejaculation and the Fleshlight Girls range moulded from real pornstars.

Fleshlight Flight

The Flight range includes two distinctly different textures in the Pilot and the Instructor. Both are presented in a compact and discreet case which is ideal for travel, and have a nondiscript orifice and sleeve made from the see through ice translucent material. Both the Pilot and Instructor are perfect for stamina training in different ways, Pilot being extra intense and Instructor with a slower build up.

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU)

The stamina training unit (STU) is the most popular Fleshlight that we sell. This is a full sized Fleshlight with a special super intense internal canal texture designed to deliver stronger erections and help train yourself to last longer in the bedroom and control ejaculation. The intention is to use the stamina training unit over a period of time (months not days or years) and training yourself to delay ejaculation.

Fleshlight Girls

Ever wanted to imagine having sex with a pornstar? Well now you can go as close to the real thing as most men will get. The Fleshlight Girls are moulded from the vagina, mouth and butt of a range of famous pornstars and come in three textures. The vagina Fleshlights use the Lotus texture which has been touted as the closest to feeling like a real vagina. The mouth Fleshlights use the Swallow texture which are designed to simulate the feeling of a real blowjob. The butt Fleshlights use the Forbidden texture which is intended to mimic the feeling of anal sex.

Fleshlight Go

This is the newest range of Fleshlights and like the Flight is designed to be a smaller and lighter version of the full size range. The Go is 17% smaller than it's full size counterpart which makes it inbetween the Flight and Original Pink Lady. The Go is easier to use due to it's size and suits average endowed men, and it's a perfect travel companion. The Go is available in the Surge texture with a pink sleeve and vaginal orifice and the Torque texture with a clear ice sleeve and nondiscript orifice like the Flight Pilot.

Fleshlight Classics & Originals

The Fleshlight Classics & Originals are where it all started. The very first Fleshlight, the Pink Lady, with a completely smooth internal canal and vagina orifice is still one of the best selling today as it is suited to uncircumcised and well-endowed men. This has since been supplemented with the Pink Mouth, Pink Butt and others with different internal textures such as the Pink Butt Speed Bump and Pink Mouth Wonder Wave.

Fleshlight Ice Crystal

Want to watch yourself while you masturbate? The Ice range features a clear ice sleeve and case which are transparent so you can see watch everything during masturbation. The Ice range consists of the Ice Lady which is a vagina orifice and the Ice Butt which is an anus orifice.

Sex In A Can

The Sex In a Can range is the smallest of the Fleshlight case masturbators. Each is intended to look like a large can of beer, with each texture being a mini version of the full size Fleshlight Girls range. The Lady Lager is the vagina orifice with the mini-lotus texture, the Sukit Draft is the mouth orifice with the mini-swallow texture, O'Doyles Stout is the anal orifice with mini-forbidden texture and the Succu Dry is the vampire mouth with the fang texture.

Fleshlight Quickshot

The Quickshot is the latest Fleshlight range designed to be the smallest and compact masturbator of all, and it doesn't look like a flashlight. The Quickshot is more discreet, easier to store and travel with as well as being simpler to use and quicker to clean. Quickshots come in two models, the Vantage which is a clear Ice case and sleeve and the Boost is presented in a black case; both use a different inner canal texture.

Fleshlight Accessories & Lube

No Fleshlight session is complete without some important accessories. Firstly, to keep your toy in tip top condition you will need renew powder which keeps the sleeve soft and long lasting. Secondly, the Fleshlube range of water, fire and ice are definitely needed to make your Fleshlight experience the best it can be. There are also several enhancers such as the Launch Pad, Phone Strap and V-Stroker which take your masturbation play to a new level.

Which are The Cheapest Fleshlights?

Firstly, Fleshlights are a premium high quality masturbator range designed to last for years with appropriate care and so aren't a cheap product, there are many alternatives that are much cheaper but certainly don't come anywhere near the whole experience of a Fleshlight. However, the Quickshot and Sex in a Can are the cheapest of the Fleshlights and are certainly worth purchasing if you are on a budget but want to own a Fleshlight.

How to Use a Fleshlight

Obviously you don't need a huge amount of advice about what to do with a Fleshlight, but there are a few tips that can help the enjoyment. Firstly, warm the sleeve up to body temperature; this can be done by putting it in warm water for 10 minutes before use or alternative there is a Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer that you can purchase to do the job for you. Secondly, use lube to avoid friction and make the whole experience fundamentally more pleasurable; there is a Fleshlube but any good quality water based lube will do. Top tip, try a Fleshlube Fire for warming or Fleshlube Ice for a cooling sensation. Thirdly, you can use a Fleshlight like a male stroker with your hand or anchor the case so you can mimic sex and thrusting; top tip, put your Fleshlight into a shoe as that gives a natural entry angle, or alternatively purchase the Shower Mount that is a suction cup device that will stick to any flat surface (note that this is not compatible with some Fleshlight ranges). Finally the case has a screw cap at the end that is designed to increase or decrease the amount of suction, try experimenting with different strengths of intensity during masturbation.

Fleshlight Cleaning & Aftercare

One of the best things about this fantastic masturbator is that if you look after it you can expect several years of use. Always clean after use, by removing the sleeve and rinsing through with warm water and optionally an antibacterial wash and then leaving out to dry. The sleeve is porous so only replace the sleeve once completely dry. The SuperSkin material needs to be renewed after every use, this keeps it soft and supple and stops it degrading; use Renew Powder or cornstarch and lightly dust the sleeve before returning to the case.