Jiggle Balls

Jiggle Balls have experienced a great revival thanks to that scene in Fifty Shades of Grey. For a fantastic pelvic floor workout and extra pleasure in the bedroom choose jiggle balls or as they were known before fifty shades of grey, ben wa balls or geisha balls. They strengthen the vaginal muscles which makes for extra sensations for solo and couples play. We are authorised stockists of the world's best sex toy brands so whether you are looking for small, large, vibrating or even remote control jiggle balls we have the toys for you.

What are Jiggle Balls?

These small weighted duo balls are inserted into the vagina and shake discreetly as you move around. As the balls knock together and jiggle, they slowly build arousal and bring you a delicious climax. Kegel Balls, as they are also known, help to give the pelvic muscles a great work out which leads to stronger bladder control, more intense orgasms and better sex.

How to use Jiggle Balls

At the risk of sounding confusing, there are many names for this product. When you hear people speaking of Ben Wa Balls, Duo Balls, Kegel Balls or Love Balls, they essentially mean the same product. Jiggle Balls are a really versatile sex toy and offer a whole host of health benefits, in addition to the sexual benefits that they can add to their CV. To use the Jiggle Balls, add a small amount of lubricant and pop the balls into the vagina. Some duo balls are held together by a thick chord; others may be loose. Because the balls are weighted, they knock together and jiggle around as you move. This is perfect for discreet stimulation and because the balls are absolutely silent, nobody knows that you’re using them. Wearing Kegel balls for a period of time is great for slowly building arousal, making them the perfect tool for foreplay.

How to insert jiggle balls

Inserting Ben Wa balls is very easy. Stand with your feet apart and place a foot on a raised surface such as your bed or a small step. Apply a little bit of lubricant and use your fingers to slide the first ball into the vagina. After you have inserted the first ball, push the second ball into the vagina and make sure that you are comfortable. Some Kegel balls are held together by string so that they are easy to remove, and this stays outside of the vagina. Once inside, your vagina muscles naturally clench around the duo balls, ensuring that they stay firmly in place.

How do I remove Ben Wa Balls?

If your Kegel balls are held together by string, simply stand with your legs parted and pull gently. The balls will pop out of the vagina and can be cleaned immediately. Some customers worry that the balls will travel into the body and get stuck, but that is something that I have never heard of before. If the balls are not held together by string or in the very rare event that the string breaks, open your legs wide and squat on the floor. Push the balls out using the muscles of your vagina. As stated before, the balls will simply pop out.

How do Kegel balls help to improve my sex life?

Because the pelvic muscles have to clench around the Ben Wa Balls to hold them in place, this gives them a really good workout and helps to maintain the strength and elasticity of the muscles. With stronger and more toned pelvic muscles, you’ll enjoy a better grip on your partner’s penis or your favourite vibrator, so sensations are magnified. When you orgasm, your toned muscles will clench even harder around his penis which intensifies orgasm and makes sex more enjoyable for him too.

Can I use Ben Wa Balls anally?

No, despite having a string to recover the balls, they are not safe to be used anally. If you have Kegel balls that have got stuck in the anus, you must seek immediate medical attention.

How to stop Kegel balls from falling out

As females get older and after bearing children, it is quite normal for the pelvic muscles to weaken slightly. If you’ve ever experienced a small leak of urine when you laugh or sneeze, it is because you have a weak pelvic floor. This is problematic when buying Kegel Balls as you need muscles to hold the balls in. However, you can rebuild the strength in your pelvic floor by purchasing duo balls which are larger and lighter in weight like the Jopen Key Stella II Doubel kegel Ball Set. This set of duo balls start with a lighter weight and allow you to move on to a heavier alternative as your muscles begin to strengthen. As you find the heavier weighted balls easier to hold in the vagina, progress to something a little smaller and heavier like the Sex & Mischief Steele Balls.

At AmazingO we recommend wearing your Kegel balls for at least 15 minutes per day for exercise purposes. Simply pop them in before your morning shower and you should start seeing results within six weeks. However, just like any other muscle your pelvic floor needs continuous exercise so carry on the regime, but with progression to smaller and heavier balls.

If you need help you choosing the perfect Jiggle Balls for you. Contact our team of AmazingO sex toy experts and ask our advice.