Anal Dildos

Usually slimmer in girth and slightly curved for precise prostate stimulation, anal dildos are generally more suited to anal play beginners. With a smooth exterior and tapered tip, they are crafted for gentle penetration, but offer a range of different contours and textures for deep internal stimulation that satisfies both male and female players. As with all anal dildos, look out for a flared base or a large finger loop to prevent the dildo travelling into the body.

Are anal dildos suitable for both men and women?

Yes, anal dildos and anal sex toys are a popular choice for both men and women. For men, the male G Spot which is known as the P Spot, is located just inside the rectum and when stimulated, leads to an intense and powerful male orgasm. For women, using an anal sex toy or anal dildo pushes the vaginal and anal wall closer together so internal vaginal sensation is intensified.

Choosing your first anal dildo

With so many anal dildos and anal sex toys on the AmazingO website, finding the right anal toy for you is a big decision. Whether you are choosing your first anal sex dildo or looking for a new anal sex toy to update your collection. We’ve put together a handy guide to ensure that you get the most out of your anal play experience.

Before anal play an Anal Douche or Enema like the Nexus Anal Douche helps to disperse water into the rectum. This assists in the removal of bacteria and waste material before you engage in anal play. Also, because the anus isn’t self-lubricating like the vagina, using an anal douche to squirt warmed lubricant into the rectum before using an anal dildo can help make penetration more comfortable. Afterwards, use the douche to keep everything squeaky clean.

Anal Beads like the Sex and Mischief Silicone Anal Beads are small beads that are held together by a strong and flexible wire. Starting off small but graduating to a bigger size as you progress through the wire, the beads are lubricated and slipped into the anus one by one. The beauty of anal beads is that you can use as many or as few as you like. During orgasm, pull the anal beads gently out of the rectum to prolong and intensify orgasm.

Similar in shape to an anal dildo but with an exciting secret, an anal vibrator like the Power Wand Enhanced 8 Inch Unisex Vibrator Black uses a combination of anal stimulating textures and powerful vibration to deliver deep, satisfying internal massage. For best results, use with plenty of lubrication and combine with oral sex or intercourse.

Designed to be inserted into the rectum, but much shorter than an anal dildo, a butt plug like the Anal Drops Butt Plug is a sex toy that can be used to gently stretch the anus, or worn for discreet stimulation of the sensitive nerve endings. During intercourse, a butt plug offers unique stimulation to both men and women and helps to increase the intensity of orgasm. For something a little more exciting, try a vibrating butt plug like the Aqua Veee Vibrating Butt Plug and let the deep rumbling sensations massage you into seventh heaven.

In addition to the numerous health benefits from regular prostate milking such reduced cancer risk and improved blood flow, prostate massage is one of the most intense and powerful ways to bring a man to an intense, full body orgasm. For prostate stimulation that works, a prostate massager such as the Aneros SGX is specifically designed for precise and powerful prostate stimulation. For something a little different, try a multi-speed vibrating prostate massager like the Rocks Off 7 Speed Cheeky Boy Blue Prostate Massager or a unique contoured prostate massager like the Lux LX1 Silicone Prostate Stimulator which never fails to achieve great results.

If you need help finding the perfect anal dildo or anal sex toy, contact our AmazingO sex toy experts for a quick chat and some advice. We are always on hand to help you choose the perfect sex toy.